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Supplementary Services



Maintaining company accounting, preparing reports on incoming and outgoing transactions, regularly filling in tax returns, annual taxes reports, costs and revenues, maintaining other accounting documentation regardless of the country where the company is registered.

Transparent and understandable mechanism for your business, which will save the time and concentrate your efforts on achieving new heights! We are trusted to keep accounts of many companies around the world.



Tax substance is one of the unofficial details which has become essential in gaining a corporate residency status so as to enjoy local tax benefits. Each jurisdiction has specific legislation regarding criteria to be considered local. The regulation varies between local offices with one employee and those with an extensive board of directors in decision making positions. At Unifin, we will offer you tax substance solutions tailor made to your jurisdiction and business needs.


Compliance consulting

International business is becoming increasingly challenging because of globalization and ever growing legal compliance challenges. Banks and financial institutions are the frontline victims of the worldwide regulations and have already suffered their consequences in heavy fines and damaged reputations.

As a result, stricter AML and compliance regulations have been put into place. This is crucial in order to avoid being used unknowingly as facilitators of money laundering and other criminal activity.

At Unifin, we understand these valid concerns, and therefore we are able to navigate our clients through this maze by means of thorough preparation of necessary supporting documentation for transactions and coordination with the appropriate departments of financial institutions and banks


and notary

Our company provides professional notarized translation service of documents. We offer Legal, Financial, Technical and many different types of translation.

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