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Account opening


Account opening/ Banks

Unifin has vast experience in consulting for banks and our team is well versed in liquidity crisis management in the banking industry. Furthermore, Unifin acts as a consultant to several banks and assists in development of strategy for 21st century banking and its implementation. Due to our finely-honed skill in the banking sphere, we are qualified to carefully select the safest and most appropriate banks for your business to work with.


Account opening/ Payment institutions

Payment institutions have long been the first choice for businesses with high volume transactional requirements. The industry has grown exponentially, and new players have surfaced, however we at Unifin are insistent that our customers are serviced by only the most forward-looking PIs. These payment institutions will have a strong relationship with Unifin, always have a unique competitive advantage, and have a serious approach towards AML procedures. Additionally, it is vital to us that we refer our clients exclusively to PIs that have long term strategy for staying on the market and strong management teams.

Some of the advantages of payment institutions include:

  • Remote account opening
  • Comparatively short consideration term
  • Flexible approach towards emerging business industries
  • Cheap rates
  • Individual IBANs.


Account opening/ Merchant Accounts

In the ever-growing e-commerce industry, it is vital to have reliable card processing partners who can process payments directly into merchant accounts. For this purpose, we assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate acquiring banks or PSPs in order to open their merchant accounts and set up shop.


Account opening/ Segregated Accounts for PI

It is crucial for various financial institutions such as EMIs and PIs to have an internal infrastructure through which client funds can be processed. Unfortunately, this forces them to open segregated accounts in banks which are reluctant to assist them with these services as they view the fintech industry as a threat to their business. We have made it our business to establish and foster relationships with banks who are open to cooperation with the fintech industry.


Account opening/ Individual IBANs for fintech companies

Fintech is an exponentially and rapidly growing market, and therefore it is preferable for businesses in this field to focus their resources on development and perfection of their services. Consequently, Unifin can professionally assist them in outsourcing infrastructure such as IBANs for clients through partner banks and financial institutions.


Account opening/ Acquiring banks for PSPs

Payment service providers are middlemen between merchants and acquiring banks. Different PSPs specialize in different business activities just as their “suppliers” i.e., acquiring banks do. We constantly research and establish new relationships with acquiring banks in order to match them with the appropriate PSPs.


Account opening/ Card issue for fintech companies

The process for obtaining a license for virtual and physical Visa cards and Mastercards is lengthy and costly. We cannot see a reason why a company who would like to provide this service to its clients should go through this process, if we can partner them up with specialized companies who already have all the necessary infrastructure and are willing to work in cooperation with our businesses.

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