Management Style
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Management Style


Let’s talk about something positive today. For example, do you know how rugby
players have improved the IT industry?

If you’ve thought about SCRUM management, then you’re right!
If you haven’t thought about it, we will explain everything now.
SCRUM management is a special variation of AGILE management, which is used in the case when
it is impossible to provide a task initially and further steps depend on the results of the previous
ones. SCRUM refines the overall Agile approach by proposing principles of behavior, a set of roles,
and descriptions of activities that will help reorganize product development.
In SCRUM, the team is the main key to success. It is cross-functional, that is, it is assembled from
different specialists. The team is assigned tasks in the sprint format: one or two weeks of hard group
work, during this time the team must produce a ready-made solution
How does this relate to rugby, you ask. The word “scrum” originally meant the position of rugby
players. Together they are motivated and ready to fight as one team. This is exactly what the
methodology wants to bring to the creation process.
Modern ways of management attract young specialists, a very valuable resource, so check it out!

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