Ресурс 1



Communication is a key to success in our business. Do you know that perceived information
sometimes might be more important than the factual one? That is why it is significant to put not only
meaning to every word you say, but also right emotions, present your thoughts and double-check that a
person understands it correctly. In Unifin we follow the rule of crystal clarity: say what you mean, mean
what you say.

However, what you can do to understand someone if they try to impress manipulate you with
emotions? There are some tips that we use, check them out!

1. Do not answer straight away. Take some time to let new information settle in your brain
2. Stay calm and unbiased by referring to your personal «safe zone»
3. Take notes while speaking. You can check them later and rethink it
4. Make a table where first column is «what I`ve heard», second «what I thought of it» and last
one is «what it might also mean».
5. Ask clarifying questions about the factual info

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