Atmosphere at work place
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Atmosphere at work place


Have you noticed that some of your employees feel uncomfortable? What if there is
bullying in your organization?

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, about 20% of employees are bullied in their company.
These are high rates that negatively affect both the working atmosphere and labor efficiency.
According to psychologists, if this phenomenon is not stopped in time, then bullying, due to its viral
effect, can reach a large number of employees and negatively affect the profit of the organization.For
this reason, recruiting managers, supervisors and employees themselves need to pay attention to
the work environment.

If you do not want to lose valuable personnel and spoil the atmosphere in the workplace, then be
sure to monitor the status of your employees. Try to talk to them more often in an informal setting or
in private chats, regularly ask if there are any difficulties in their work. This way, firstly, you will be
aware of all work issues even before they turn into a problem, and you will also be able to build good
and trusting relationships with colleagues. Sometimes a timely asked question “How are you?” can
be of far greater service to you than a hired coach, who will take care of the consequences.
Be a professional. Be like us.

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